Our Story

What is Saturday Morning Pancakes?

It ain’t nothin’ but a tee thang baby! We are 90's rap fans who make hilariously awesome Hip Hop inspired apparel for your little ones and adults. We believe that humor combined with super soft & cozy apparel can make style more epic and life more fun! Our mission is to spread smiles & silliness to everyone we meet. 😊

How it all started:

 I am a girl with many passions: Dr. Dre, dancing, silliness, smiling, Leslie Knope, nachos, solitaire (yeah I know it’s weird but I was an only child), coffee, cheesy jokes, IPA’s, people, and all things target.

I spent my entire adult life working with at-risk and underprivileged youth. These children taught me that laughter is healing and humor builds resilience. They made me realize I needed to spread smiles to everyone I meet. I don’t want anyone coming to me without leaving happier 🙂

Once I got pregnant with my first baby, I switched paths so I could be a stay-at-home mom and a working woman 💪 I decided to take my love of Hip Hop and combine it with my “annoying little sister style” sense of humor and Saturday Morning Pancakes was born!!

 These past 4 years have been a whirlwind of design, music, diapers, Disney junior on repeat, social media, potty training, financials, and cleaning out sippy cups (sooo many sippy cups!!!)

 And it’s working… I’m a stay-at-home mom and a business owner! See... I'm surviving somehow 😜

Here's a little peek into our little family:


Just last year, SMP has finally hit the next level that’s allowed me to hire some amazing kick a$$ women (and 1 man). I’ve built a company off of love and now have a team of people who are out there spreading smiles along with me. And that is freaking FANTABULOUS!!

 I owe a huge thank you to our community for joining us on this awesome journey and I hope you’ll continue to be a part of our smile story. 😊

Meet the SMP crew:

Our Founder: Jamie

I'm Jamie - a mom to a very high energy, curly pigtailed, giggling preschooler and a super mellow and wise beyond his years little boy who loves to dance! I am obsessed with nachos and beer, a devoted fan of Leslie Knope, and a wannabe gangsta. I started this company with one simple mission - to spread smiles and silliness. Luckily I get to do that one 90s hip hop tee at a time. 

 Allstar of Awesomeness: Jenn

Who run the world?! Jenn! She is the ultimate definition of #bossmom. She manages everything, analyzes everything, and makes sure that our Hip hop flag is always flying! She's a mom to the cutest little 2 year old, the most devoted hockey fan I have ever met, and her laugh just lights up the room (it's the kind of laugh that makes you feel really funny, and those are my favorite kind.) She's humble beyond words and will most definitely be squirming in her seat when she reads this for the first time 🤣

 Customer Service Cutie: Lauren

Lauren rocks our customer service channels. She's the smiling face behind all of the answers to your questions and she makes sure you get exactly what you need asap! She occasionally bosses around an incredibly smart, silly, talented and handsome brown eyed boy as well as an independent, brave, imaginative and hysterical little girl. She's a sucker for any housewife show, wine and chunky monkey ice cream. She lives for days she can sleep in (which are few a far between with two kids) and is pretty sure her husband is always watching ESPN. And the last thing I just absolutely love about her: she eats string cheese by just biting it! Where's the fun in that?! We are slowly trying to convert her to a peal and eat type of cheese lover 😆

Fulfiller Of Awesomeness: Brooke

Brooke is the speed ninja behind our shipping department. (aka - awesomeness fulfillment center). She handles all shipping related questions and makes sure that your awesome tees get in your hands as quickly as humanly possible. You guys, she's lightening fast!! She has the vibes of super peaceful butterfly, but moves like a cheetah on Red Bull and might be the sweetest person I've ever met. She is super outdoorsy (like real outdoorsy, not like drinking wine on the patio outdoorsy) and loves Ramen, Matcha lattes, and her dog Chloe.

The Main Man: John

John is our big brother, our bodyguard, and our favorite person to mess with 😂 He is our warehouse master and inventory king! He makes sure we are organized and we never run out of your favorite tees. Nothing gets by him, he's a ninja! He loves to surf, is on a bowling & golf league, taught English in Japan for 3 years, and is a total bad a$$. He is the only dude on our team and he handles our shenanigans like a champ!