Our Story

What is Saturday Morning Pancakes?

It ain’t nothin’ but a tee thang baby! We are die-hard Gangsta Rap fans who make hilariously awesome Hip Hop inspired apparel for little Gs and OGs (aka, kids and adults). We spread smiles and style through Hip Hop spin offs and 90s rap puns.

How it all started:

We’ve all been there:

Saturday Morning, kids are awake and playing peacefully (ha, yeah right!). My spirits are high, I’ve consumed an entire pot of coffee, I’m making pancakes for the fam and bumpin’ my favorite 90s hip hop playlist (rapping loudly to all of the parts that my preteen heart has forever memorized).

This… this is the very moment that sparked it all. One Warren G song that happened to be playing at the exact moment the pancakes were ready….

 “Regulators!! MOUNT UP!!... for pancakes!”

 I found myself hilarious, which was quickly interrupted by spilt syrup, a crying toddler and the dog scarfing down the unattended pancakes.

 But it stuck. 

 That one Hip Hop joke stuck and started a spiral of thoughts, ideas, passions, inspirations, late nights, sweat and tears, and the truly amazing community that is now Saturday Morning Pancakes.

A few weeks after this “pancake awakening” was my birthday. And my sweet, sweet husband didn’t surprise me with flowers or jewelry… he surprised me with a business plan and a logo!!! He encouraged me to fight for my own happiness and have faith that doing what I love will bring more joy to our family than a paycheck ever will.

And man oh man, was he right!


 About our founder (aka Me) :

I'm Jamie - a mom to a very high energy, curly pigtailed, giggling preschooler and a super mellow and wise beyond his years little baby boy who loves to dance! I am obsessed with nachos and beer, a devoted fan of Leslie Knope, and a wannabe gangsta. I started this company with one simple mission - to spread smiles and silliness. Luckily I get to do that one 90s hip hop tee at a time.