Enough Is Enough

Yo world, have you lost ya dang mind?!


These past few months have felt like the world has literally lost its marbles. There are so many issues popping up through the cracks, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed, throw our hands up and say “it is what it is.”


The political waters are mucky and being the people pleaser that I am, I was nervous to speak my mind. I didn’t want to rock the boat and make people feel uncomfortable.


But something has been churning inside of me, inside my heart and for once, I am listening.


My heart is saying …



I’m not a politician, I don’t know how to enact the massive changes this world so desperately needs. But I know the power of words and I know how to make a dang good t-shirt (if I do say so myself 😉)


Our Enough is Enough shirt is meant to be a little flame that adds to the growing fire.


It spreads the message and it gets people talking. This shirt is meant to represent you and the causes YOU are fighting for.


One thing I love about our followers is that you are a bunch of passionate people. You laugh hard and love even harder. You care about this world and its people. You all have issues that make your heart say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and we want to join alongside you in that fight.


All the profits from this tee will be donated to a cause or nonprofit of your choice.


I have my own passions (which I will go into later) and causes that I want to donate to, but I want your voice to be louder than mine.



There are promo codes listed on the product page. Each code is associated with a nonprofit contributing to a cause. When one of the promo codes is used, that money will be donated to the associated cause.


If you have a cause you would like to contribute to, email us for more details on how to get a promo code for your organization. Contact us at info@saturdaymorningpancakes.com


It's time to take some action.


HERE's HOW you can take a stand

All profits are going directly to associations that are fighting your fight. You get to choose where your money goes. Don't see your cause listed on the site? Email us to get a promo code set up just for you and your passions.

Inspire others to have a voice. Carry the message. Share it everywhere. People will read your shirt and will be reminded that they too can take a stand. You are fighting your fight, its time to get people asking questions and talking about these issues.

Read. Learn. Speak. Share your message again and again. Tell your friends what you are passionate about and how they can help. Don't let it get lost in the day to day. Follow along in our journey and see all the amazing things your donations are doing.



Like most, if not all of you, the Parkland shooting sent a gapping fear into my soul. Over the next few days I sat in silence processing how this could happen… AGAIN. AGAIN. AND AGAIN.




It's time to stand up, not for any political agenda, but for the lives of our kids.

It's not about gun laws right now, it's about making a plan to end this craziness.


We need to respect each other's view points and come together to end the violence.


I am blown away by the voices of the Florida survivors. Their strength and power gave me so much hope for my own kids. If they can go through such a horrible tragedy and come out with voices blaring, then my own kids will learn that when young people speak their truths, the world listens.


I am inspired by their voices, but also deeply embarrassed.


Embarrassed that we did nothing and now our childen are having to fight this fight for themselves. Our kids are picking up the pieces and I will no longer allow myself to let them fight this on their own.


I am joining these brave kids and letting them know that we are with them.

This is what I am doing to help:

1. Get woke 😉

I'm studying all of the current legislation and reviewing the proposed solutions.

2. Join

I'm joining communities and events in my town that are lead by people with my same passions.

3. Donate

I'm donating to Everytown USA, a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence.

4. Talk

I'm wearing my shirt and talking to anyone who will listen. My favorite part about this tee is that it evokes questions. People

want to know what Enough Is Enough means. It gets the conversations going and once these issues are forgotten,

it allows me to remind people that there are still changes that need to be made.