The Best Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

The Best Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

Summer is upon us, and with it comes many reasons to celebrate — graduations, birthdays, Father’s Day — but probably the most exciting reason to celebrate during the summer is the Fourth of July! The Fourth of July is a holiday celebrating the day the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and every year following that day, we’ve celebrated our country’s independence. In today’s post, we will provide you with a few ideas of how you can celebrate this year.

Looking for the perfect attire to show the pride you have for your country? At Saturday Morning Pancakes, we offer a variety of shirts specifically dedicated to the Fourth of July. Our throwback tees are the perfect way to show your patriotic spirit, so explore our selection and buy your favorites today!

Watch a Parade

Watching a parade is the perfect way to begin a day of celebration, especially if you are the parent of small children. Parades are spectacles that draw crowds of people cheering and celebrating not only our country, but the town in which they live. Many parades are filled with classics like fire trucks, old cars, and marching bands, but sometimes you can see exciting floats for local businesses, dance teams, and even cute dogs — and who doesn’t love a dog in a Fourth of July bandana? However, possibly the best part about Fourth of July parades is the candy.

Throw a Barbeque

When you think of the Fourth of July, you probably picture happy families coming together in someone’s backyard while you enjoy delicious foods cooked on the grill. If that’s the image you’re picturing, then why not use the Fourth of July as an excuse to do just that! Invite all your neighbors, friends, and family to a barbeque at your house (or attend someone else’s) and enjoy the company of your fellow Americans. You can eat amazing food and have people bring a variety of their favorite dishes, you can play games, and you can even take part in some friendly competition.

Enjoy the Fireworks

Regardless of how you choose to spend the day on the Fourth of July, there is one thing that everyone looks forward to when the sun finally sets — fireworks. A fireworks display is the cherry on top of a great day, plus it’s something the entire family can enjoy! Most towns or counties offer one big fireworks display that’s put on by the city, or you may prefer to do your own. Even if you’re not into the huge displays of fireworks, at the very least, you can enjoy handing out sparklers once it gets dark.

Dress for the Occasion With Saturday Morning Pancakes!

Even if you don’t have big plans for the Fourth of July, there’s nothing wrong with dressing the part! At Saturday Morning Pancakes, our collection of throwback tees is filled with punny shirts that are perfect for the upcoming holiday. Show your pride while making people laugh with some sassy sayings or hilarious puns, and fill your cart with Fourth of July throwback tees for the whole fam!
Summer Clothing Essentials

Summer Clothing Essentials

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to update your wardrobe to the latest and greatest styles! While some summer staples stay the same from year to year — sandals, floppy hats, amazing shades — there are definitely some summer fashion trends that get a makeover every year. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the summer clothing essentials that you must have in your closet.

Looking for that perfect shirt that will make your summer the best it can be? At Saturday Morning Pancakes, we have just what you’ve been looking for! We offer an extensive selection of puntastic throwback shirts that are sure to put a smile on your face, as well as the faces of those around you. Whether you’re looking for a shirt that will have all the like-minded people nodding in approval as you walk by or you want something that will show off your sassy personality, we’ve got it all. Explore our collection of unique throwback shirts, and buy your favorites today! In the meantime, continue reading below to see what items you should be looking for as you begin your summer shopping.

Denim Jacket

If you live somewhere warm, you may be thinking that a denim jacket just isn’t going to fly, no matter how good it looks. However, as the sun sets each night, but you’re not done hanging out with your friends, you might be singing a different tune. The great thing about denim jackets is they look good with almost anything, and they make the perfect layer for those summer nights that might get a little chilly. Pair your denim jacket with a cute throwback tee from Saturday Morning Pancakes, a pair of your favorite pants, and a nice wedge sandal, and you’ll be the best-looking person wherever you go.

Colorful Tote Bag

Who doesn’t love a good tote bag? Tote bags should be an essential part of your wardrobe regardless of the season, but they are especially important during the summer! One of the best parts about summer is walking to your favorite local farmer’s market or stopping into small shops as you walk through the downtown area or on the boardwalk. However, what do you do with your purchases? If you try to carry them, you run the risk of having to worry about your belongings wherever you go, and most purses are not big enough for all the great stuff you want to buy. A colorful tote bag is the only solution! Not only will it complement your outfit, but it’s big enough to carry items you buy when you’re out and about, carry your towel and sunblock if you’re going to the beach, and so much more! Be sure to check out the adorable tote bags from Saturday Morning Pancakes that feature your favorite punny sayings.

Shirt Dress

The problem with most summer wardrobes is that you find yourself struggling to find a balance between comfy and cute. The answer? A shirt dress! Shirt dresses are an amazing invention that combines the comfort and soft texture of your favorite t-shirt with the put-together look of someone who took hours to create the perfect look. The best part about shirt dresses is they come in a variety of different styles. Some come with a waist belt that you can tie in a knot or a bow to help accentuate your waist, while others just look like an extra-long t-shirt! You honestly can’t go wrong with either.

White Tee

A white tee may seem boring, especially when there are so many other fun summer colors, but it’s an essential part of your wardrobe for a reason. Let’s say you find a colorful skirt with a crazy pattern. Pairing your new favorite skirt with a white top helps you look put together, while highlighting your amazing find. You can also pair a white tee with your favorite pair of shorts or a cute jacket — the possibilities are endless! A comfortable white tee is extremely versatile, making it the perfect addition to any wardrobe. That being said, if you’re planning on wearing your new favorite white tee to your uncle’s barbeque, you might want to consider investing in more than one.

Cute Graphic Tee

Come on, let’s be honest — you can NEVER go wrong with a cute graphic tee! If you’re going for a classic, stylish look, you can pair your favorite graphic tee with your favorite shorts, and some cute sneakers for a day out and about with friends. You can also pair a graphic tee with your favorite solid-print maxi skirt for a more classy look. Basically, you just can’t go wrong with a graphic tee!

Luckily, at Saturday Morning Pancakes, we have graphic tees aplenty! Looking for a throwback shirt with a sassy summer saying? Want to buy a shirt that will have all your mom friends in stitches? We’ve got it all! Explore our website to find more than a few throwback tees that you will love, and buy your favorites today.
What Your Shirt Says About You

What Your Shirt Says About You

For some people, getting dressed is an art form. These people like to spend hours putting together the perfect outfit with the right accessories and colors that flawlessly complement each other. On the other hand, there are people who try their best, but most mornings they just pull whatever is clean out of the drawer and get on their way. There’s nothing wrong with either method, but the fact of the matter is that the clothes you wear can say a lot about your personality. In today’s post, we will take a look at just your shirt and what the shirt you wear says about you!

At Saturday Morning Pancakes, we take pride in offering a large selection of throwback tees with puntastic sayings that are sure to make you smile. When you wear one of our shirts, it goes without saying that you are someone who knows how to please a crowd. From shirts with sassy sayings that make you nod your head in agreement to throwback tees that remind you of the good ol’ days, we’ve got it all. Explore our collections to find the perfect shirt (or shirt) for you, and place an order today!

A Layered Look

Whether you’re wearing a cardigan over your favorite tank top, pairing a long sleeve shirt with a cami, or choosing the perfect jacket to go with your new top, a layered look is a classic that can’t be beat. For those who prefer a layered look over any other style, you’re most likely someone who wants to be prepared for all situations. Everyone knows that is you live in a place where the weather is unpredictable, layers are the way to go — not to mention the look is super cute. Your layered look says that on top of being prepared, you may be the mama bear of the group, someone who takes care of others without letting their fashion go to the wayside.

Flattering Figure

When you think of a top that flatters your figure, you probably have one or two tops in mind. A top that flatters your figure can come in many shapes and styles, because as you well know, people come in many different shapes and sizes. The person who wears the shirt that flatters their figure is someone who is extremely confident in how they look, or they may just be fakin’ it ‘til they make it, which we can totally respect. It can be difficult to find that perfect shirt that shows off your waist and makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, so if you’re that person that’s always wearing shirts that make you feel like a queen, people better know to stay out of your way.

Whimsical Pattern

Shirts with a whimsical pattern can be a fun addition to your wardrobe, especially if you’re an expert when it comes to turning them into outfits. If you like to wear whimsical patterns, whether it’s on your shirt, pants, bags, or shoes, there’s a good chance that you are someone who loves to have fun with life! Wild colors and unique patterns are just fun, and if you are someone who likes to laugh and have fun and not take everything so seriously, then wearing a whimsical pattern either every day or every once in a while might bring you joy!

Old Worn-Out Shirt

When one person looks at a shirt or sweatshirt that is starting to go a little threadbare or looks like it’s seen better days, they might think that it’s time for that article of clothing to retire, but not you. You are someone who likes to feel comfortable and secure, regardless of whether or not what you’re wearing is considered “fashionable.” Your old worn-out shirt may not look the best, but to you it contains so many memories, and it’s old-looking because you’ve worn it so many times that it finally has the soft comfortable feeling that you love.

Punny Graphic Tee

Are you someone who loves a good punny graphic tee? Those who love or can appreciate a good pun are some of the best people you’ll ever meet. Not only do they enjoy a good laugh, but they also enjoy doing what they can to make others smile. Perhaps you enjoy telling a joke that may elicit some laughs, but also a few groans. Maybe you like wearing sassy shirts that give others something to relate to! Either way, you’re someone who everyone wants to be around.

If you want to be that person, Saturday Morning Pancakes makes it easy! We offer an extensive selection of punny shirts and throwback tees that you are sure to love. Explore our unique collections to find more than a few shirts you just have to have, and place an order today!

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