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Gobble Up These Amazing Products From SMP!

Gobble Up These Amazing Products From SMP! 34

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is often overlooked, but here at Saturday Morning Pancakes, we can’t imagine a better holiday than one that is dedicated to spending time with your crazy relatives while stuffing your face full of delicious comfort food. 🍗 Unlike other holidays where you might want to dress up in nicer clothing to impress those picky grandparents, Thanksgiving is all about stretchy shirts and elastic waistbands, am I right?

Looking for that perfect shirt to wear this Thanksgiving that shows what you’re truly thankful for? At Saturday Morning Pancakes, we offer an extensive selection of festive holiday tee shirts that are the perfect amount of comfort for when you inevitably fall into that after-dinner food coma.🥧 Find the perfect holiday tee shirt for you, and be sure to check out some of our favorite tees listed below!

I Woke Up In Feast Mode Adult Unisex Tri Blend Tee

Thanksgiving is supposed to be about spending time with your loved ones and sharing what you’re thankful for, but what people really look forward to is the food. From green bean casseroles, mashed potatoes 🥔, and steaming hot rolls to that amazingly juicy turkey, Thanksgiving is a feast fit for a champion. If you are one such champion, then the I Woke Up In Feast Mode tee is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. You can show the world that you are ready to eat, and all of your relatives are sure to show you their respect for your dedication to the meal.

Let’s Get Basted Adult Unisex Flannel

In addition to the turkey and all your favorite sides, there is one guest that is always a must — wine!🍷 Whether you’re celebrating with friends or trying to keep your cool around your overly political relatives, wine is sure to be your very best friend on Thanksgiving, and our Let’s Get Basted flannel is the perfect complement! The hilarious play on words is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face, especially when you come prepared with a bottle (or three) of wine. Nobody brings the party like Saturday Morning Pancakes, and when you wear this shirt this Thanksgiving, you’ll let everyone know that you are there for a good time.

I’ve Got Those Hungry Eyes Adult Unisex Tee

If you’ve been waiting all day — more like all year — to sink your teeth into your Thanksgiving meal, then Saturday Morning Pancakes can help you express that you mean business. When you walk into the room wearing your I’ve Got Those Hungry Eyes holiday tee shirt, you’re sure to get one of two reactions 1) appreciative chuckles for the throwback reference, or 2) scared looks as people get out of your way so that you can get at the food (especially if you walk into the room fork first). Check out this amazing tee, and remember: nobody puts turkey in a corner! 🦃

Hey There Pumpkin Adult Soft Denim Button Up

Some people enjoy looking a little nicer for Thanksgiving with their family, and if you’re looking for a way to look nice but still feel insanely comfortable, then our Hey There Pumpkin denim shirt is for you! This classic denim shirt will make you look more put together than you might feel on a daily basis (PREACH, sister), but you still have the same level of comfort that you would with your favorite tee. The “Hey There Pumpkin” stitching adds a cute little bonus, allowing you to combine cute puns with a classy look.

I Yam Whatever You Say I Yam Brick Unisex Tee

Tired of your family getting on your case about every little thing you do? Trust us, we understand that pain. Luckily, with this super comfy holiday tee shirt from Saturday Morning Pancakes, you can throw it back to your favorite rap from the early 2000s while also telling your family that you don’t care what they have to say with a splash of Thanksgiving humor. When you wear the I Yam Whatever You Say I Yam shirt, you’re sure to elicit a few smiles from your relatives, even if they don’t entirely understand the reference.

Gear Up for Thanksgiving at Saturday Morning Pancakes!

Whether you’re looking to give thanks all November long, or you want the perfect holiday tee shirt for Thanksgiving day, Saturday Morning Pancakes has just what you need! We offer an extensive collection of tees featuring 90s hip hop references, puns, and so much more. Before you know it, you’ll have too many punny tees to fit in your closet (solution: buy another closet). Gear up for the best holiday of them all, and start shopping SMP’s Thanksgiving collection today!
Get Spooky With Saturday Morning Pancakes

Get Spooky With Saturday Morning Pancakes 0

While September may mark the beginning of fall, we know the real reason everyone is psyched for the season. No, it isn’t pumpkin spiced coffee or the colder weather, the real Slim Shady of this time of year is none other than Halloween! With creepy costumes and free candy 🍬, what’s not to love? If you’re already planning ways to celebrate October, then Saturday Morning Pancakes has just what you need to spread spooky vibes and tons of smiles.

Looking for hilarious holiday tee shirts, novelty tees, and shirts in general that will make you smile? Then stop by Saturday Morning Pancakes! Our shop is filled with shirts featuring some of your favorite punny sayings and references to the good ol’ days of rap and hip hop (we’re referring to the 90s, of course). Discover graphic tees that add joy to your life, and start shopping today! Getting ready for Halloween? Check out our Halloween holiday tee shirts to help you keep up the spirit all October long! 🎃

👻 Get Spooky With Saturday Morning Pancakes! 👻

Halloween is one of the best times of the year — who doesn’t love dressing up and getting rewarded with candy? However, as moms ourselves, we understand the struggles that come with this fantastic holiday.

Starting at the beginning of October (sometimes earlier), your kids are already hounding you about going to the costume shop and picking out what they want to be that year. Sometimes this takes days and multiple trips to the store — you know kids, they have no idea what they want. Once you finally have the costumes, all of the necessary accessories, and you’ve spent way too much money on a costume that will most likely either A) Never be worn again B) Fall apart the moment your child steps out the door, or C) All of the above, Halloween is basically already knocking on your door yelling “TRICK OR TREAT!” It’s an exhausting process, and at the end, you’re left with nothing to show for it unless you want to spend a ridiculous amount on a costume for yourself — not likely.

That’s where Saturday Morning Pancakes comes in handy. Our punny holiday tee shirts are not only hilarious, but they are also the perfect shirt or sweatshirt to wear while you’re out trick-or-treating with your kids, at work, or even just spreading the spooky spirit throughout the month. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to wear this shirt year after year! Still not convinced? Check out some of our Halloween favorites below!

100% That Witch Adult Unisex Tee

Are you a fan of the Halloween Classic Hocus Pocus? Let’s be honest — who isn’t?!? This hilarious graphic tee is just one of the Halloween tees that we have to offer this season. Featuring the three notorious witches from your favorite Halloween flick, this shirt will show everyone you know that you are 100% That Witch. Available in Autumn or Clay, this shirt is sure to spread a few smiles and even more laughs.

Seyonce Adult Unisex Tee

Everyone wants to be Queen B, and with this shirt, you can add a spooky vibe to your favorite single lady. Now is the time of year where spirits are active and more and more people are trying to connect with the other side. 👻 This punny tee might not be able to help you connect with the dead, but it will connect you with other people who love your tee and want to know where they can get one of their own. 😉

So I Creep Adult Unisex Ghost Tee

When you’ve spent all of your time and energy on other things, and your Halloween wardrobe needs a little TLC, you need a shirt that will show your spooky side. Life is too short for boring clothes, and this shirt has so much to offer! Throwing it back to the 90s, this shirt is sure to be an instant favorite, especially given its spooky vibes and funky-fresh swagger.

Glow-In-The-Dark It’s Tricky Adult Unisex Sweater

It’s a toss-up of whether or not the weather will cooperate when Halloween finally rolls around, and most costumes aren’t made with warmth and comfort in mind — we’re looking at you, all adult women’s costumes EVER. However, if you’re opting not to spend money on a scandalous costume, then why not spend your money on a sweater that is not only cute and festive, but also pays tribute to the classic song by Run DMC? This sweater will be an instant classic at work, at a party, or even just lounging around the house. You’ll also have the benefit of knowing that while other women may be freezing, you’ll not only be warm, but you’ll also glow in the dark!

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These are just a few of the holiday tee shirts that you can find at Saturday Morning Pancakes! Don’t settle for boring clothes or cheaply made costumes that won’t even make it through the night. Instead, check out our Halloween shirts to find punny sayings, 90s references, and a bunch of smiles. What are you waiting for? Start shopping now and represent your spooky side all October long!